Get Going Today With More
Appointments and Customers  
Get Going Today With More
Appointments and Customers  
Testimonials From Clients
"Hey this is Dr. Chris Gubbels with Square One...because of Todd I had to start looking to hire a new doctor because we're so busy with new patients our office cannot actually keep up with the flow. So, working with Todd for a few weeks now and he has been getting us tons of leads tons of new patients, they've been great quality new patients and so I highly recommend working with him and he's been excellent for our office and literally everyday I wake up every morning and we have a list of people that want to come in. So, It's been great and Todd appreciate the help and if you're looking for someone to help you get new patients from online through Facebook ads, Todd's your guy."
-Dr. Chris
"Hello, my name is Kendra Wright and my business is the Heeling Power of Touch Massage. I've done the Facebook ad before, I got a lot of likes but no phone calls and no appointments. Now as far as like working with Todd, I got a better response...I got a lot of leads where people responded back to me, they called in and they came in, vs. me doing that on my own so, his marketing techniques really helped my business..."
"My name is Michelle Baker with Next Level Fitness and Personal Training. Each person is worth about $1,200 by the time they sign up for my initial 16 week program...we've had great results out of the week of advertising we've had I think 12 people actually interact with our ad and we've ended up signing up a couple of them so definitely great results..."
Get Going Marketing: Who We Are
We create responsive Facebook campaigns that target the exact customers you are looking for. We build the infrastructure of pages and automations to streamline the process of getting new people in the door. 

Tried running Facebook ads and it didn't work? We will setup campaigns that will work for you. 

We have built successful campaigns for Chiropractors that bring in new patients, also specialty campaigns including spinal decompression and dinner with doc. 

We have also ran campaigns for massage therapy, dog training,  dentists,  gyms and hair salons to name a few. Each campaign is designed to get more customers and appointments in the door. 

We're able to leverage the incredible options that Facebook provides by split testing audiences and ad copy to drive high-quality leads. 
Have you Tried Facebook advertising and it's not working? 
We’ll fix that.
Laser Focused Strategy
Laser focused, ROI driven Facebook marketing, generating leads every month to grow your business. Clear messaging to get people in the door. 
Done-For-You Services
From ad copy, to the landing page and everything in between. We'll setup everything from start to finish and provide multiple touch points and follow ups. 
We will drive qualified candidates to your business. Schedule now for a FREE Planning Session.
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Want to learn more about the process we go through? Or need help dialing in the strategy for your next Facebook Ad campaign? Get Going Marketing is ready to shortcut your sucess, cut out the riff raff and accelerate your business. Contact Us Now!
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