Online Advertising is Targeted and Affordable

Whether your potential customer is on a smart phone, tablet, or computer, digital advertising is a great bargain.

Many companies are reluctant to start marketing online as they think it is expensive and that they need to have a large advertising budget, but this is not so, and most companies can both afford and benefit from online marketing.

We work within your budget and according to your goals, and utilize as many of the online channels as is practical for your company. We explain what we are doing every step of the way and keep you as involved as you want to be in the process.

Online advertising can help you gain new customers and also improves the search engine visibility of your website. You can also run ads on Facebook (and other social media) which can be used to drive traffic to your website. Your website must first be optimized for content and search engine visibility, and then your ads, keywords, and site text coordinated for continuity of key phrases. Your online advertising campaigns need to be reviewed regularly to find clicks that you are paying for that are not related to your business, and block them, to get the maximum return on your marketing investment.

Online advertising venues include search engines, Facebook, and many other social media sites. This advertising medium is very affordable even for small businesses, and offers the advantage of being able to set your own maximum spend so you can budget.