Need a Small Business Website?

When a small business owner makes the decision to invest in a website, he/she has decided that having an online presence is important to their business and that they recognize the need for customers to be able to find them online. Small business websites are available through many options, but where to start and what is the best and most cost effective way to do it?

Questions to ask yourself in deciding about the type of website that your business needs:

  1. What do I need the website to be able to do? Email signup forms? Contact forms? Application forms? Calendar? Appointments or bookings? eCommerce? Blog posts?
  2. How particular am I about the format of the site? Do I have a definite idea of how I would like it to look or am I just looking for a basic site to get my business online?
  3. Do I have time to develop the site and manage it or will I need help?
  4. How much information do I need to be on the site?
  5. How many graphics do I need on the site? How many graphic do I have now? Do I have a logo?
  6. How do I need the site to be organized?

Website Builders versus full WordPress Websites

For many small businesses, a website builder is a great solution, particularly if you can do it yourself.  It is far less expensive and easier to maintain, and will cost you less than $200/year.  This type of website does have less options and is less customizable, but the sites are still very attractive and functional, and will serve the purpose.

If you need to hire someone to help you, note that you will be paying them to build your site on that website builder only and should you decide to change or upgrade to a full site later, your developer will need to start from scratch in building the new site.


WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are functional, adaptable, and mobile responsive, and allow expansion as your business grows. They do require some technical skills to setup and maintain, so you will need to factor that into your budget.  A basic site will run from $1000 to $2500 to setup, and a monthly maintenance fee as they need to be updated, backed up, and need security measures, usually around $25/month.

Consider your needs and future plans carefully before investing!

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