Why Mobile-Optimized Websites are Becoming Necessary

Having a website is useful for marketing and promotion of your company, allows potential customers to find you, relays information to your potential customers, and gives validity to your business. Your website needs to be attractive, offer the functionality you need in applications, allow versatility to add new content and applications, be search engine optimized so that search engines can find it, and be mobile-optimized so it can be viewed on mobile devices as well as rank in Google’s new algorithm.

Google announced last week that new ranking factors will be added to the site ranking algorithm on April 21, 2015. Since they announced this well before implementation, it is an indication of its significance in future page rankings by giving webmasters time to convert to mobile optimized sites. Now is the time to get your website mobile optimized so it will not be penalized in Google rankings after April 21, 2015. To check if your website is viewed as mobile optimized, Click Here to Check. If your site is not ready, now is the time to take action. Even if you can’t get it completed by the algorithm launch date, it will resume ranking as soon as you get it mobile optimized and google bots scan it as such.
Note that you can sometimes temporarily use a mobile optimized landing page, but only that mobile page will benefit from ranking and not the other pages on you site.

Making a site mobile optimized can vary in complexity and expense depending on your website and the platform it is built on. Some sites can be converted with minimal revisions, but for most this does require a significant update, but now is the time to bite the bullet and get it done before the new algorithm!

See http://searchengineland.com/google-mobile-friendly-ranking-factor-runs-real-time-page-page-basis-216100.