Online Advertising

Ad placement, review & optimization on all search engines, and social media advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media Campaigns

Develop & Integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., pages – if you are not utilizing social media you are missing opportunities to communicate with customers and potential new customers.

Email Campaigns

Communicate your message directly to the people who have opted in to receive your communications.  They have already agreed that they are interested, so communicate with them regularly!

Website Design & Hosting

Mobile optimized, functional, adaptable, and upgradable WordPress website design, development, modifications, maintenance, updates, & hosting. We specialize in developing professional WordPress websites that offer great functionality and easy updates.

Search Engine Visibility

If search engines can’t find your website, no one will get to it in a search. SEO gets your site found by new potential customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Make money by including recommended products in your blog posts.


About Fees

The pricing for marketing services are difficult to generalize, as it all comes down to how much time and expertise is spent on each project. We always work to maintain a return on your investment and understand that we need to keep that a priority!