Website Development Tasks

This is a list of the website build tasks & the usual time in minutes that it takes to complete them, assuming it is a 6-page site, and the logo, graphics, pictures, reference info and marketing messages are provided by the client, and it is not an ecommerce site. Graphics creation & manipulation add to the cost, as does photography, branding, logo development, copy creation, etc.  The more you provide up front, the better your costs can be contained.

These are the tasks your web designer (if they are competent) must do in creating your website:

Account setup/domain registration, set up hosting, set up & test email addresses, install WordPress, install theme, register theme, install and configure plugins, setup site maintenance & launch coming soon page, set up & integrate Google Analytics account, create child theme, design creation, client design meeting, design revision, client presentation 2, design revision 2, brand palette design, determine site structure setup, general settings, permalink structure, create pages and site structure, create menus, create widgets, css customization, create favicon, social media integration, mailing list integration, resizing images, homepage development, about page, blog/news page, contact page, optional pages, client review/feedback, input copy, check keyword penetration, complete/check image alt tags posts & pages, complete/check page titles posts & pages, complete/check page excerpts posts & pages, complete/check meta descriptions posts & pages, complete/check image alt tags images & video, complete/check page titles images & video, complete/check page excerpts images & video, complete/check meta descriptions images & video, create XML sitemap & submit to search engines, proofreading and last-minute copy tweaks, visual check of all pages, browser testing, link check, speed check, mobile version revisions and tweaks, client check, tweaks and approval, create client users, roles, activate site, final test, remove coming soon page, test analytics, set site to allow spiders, final client tweaks as needed, archive site assets, create site backup, set up auto-backup routine, prepare update documentation doc, and client training.

This totals to over 45 hours of time spent – more than a week of work, for a basic site. Please remember this when you ask your designer to reduce their fees!

If your budget just can’t accommodate a full site, you may find some website builders (search for website builders online) which you can build your own site with. They are setup so that no knowledge of coding is required to use them, however they are limited and you need to keep in mind that if you need to hire someone to help, you will be paying to develop the site with that program and you do not actually own the site, that is, you cannot move it anywhere else as you must stay with that program.  If you later decide to upgrade to a full site of your own you will need to start from scratch in development time.  We’ve done these before when customers just couldn’t afford to invest much in a website and just wanted the basics, and find that they take us about 5 hours to setup and develop a basic site, and can be useful on limited budgets.